Consultation Services

What is my timber worth? How can I manage my woodlot for increased wildlife? How do I maximize the value of my woodlot? How can I remove or manage invasive species on my property? I want to install a food plot to attract deer and turkey to my property... Call our forester to come out for a consultation and we can help you achieve your goals.

Integrated Woodlot Management

Preventative maintenance for your woodlot. Multiple inspections throughout the year to manage invasives, remove trees from trails, mow brush, and take down hazardous trees.

Invasive Species/Vegetation Management

Call us to control undesirable plants along fence rows, right of ways, or in woodlands. We use a combination of techniques including physical removal and herbicide treatments.

Brush Mowing **Book Early**

Help keep your woodlot accessible and open. Reclaim your property lost to invasive weeds. We mow understory invasive brush, vines, and briars. Removal of competing vegetation benefits desirable trees. We work for private landowners, tree farms, and public lands.

Timber Harvest (Logging)

We specialize in low impact sustainable forestry for landowners who want to selectively harvest desirable timber for monetary purposes. Limbs and tops (slash) will be left on site. Site must be accessible and contain quality timber. Note: Paperwork and permits may take up to a year, depending on county.

Timber Management 

Timber stand improvement can help maximize the value of your woodlot and is a tax deductible service. A&A will elevate desirable standing timber to reduce defects in logs, and will also thin defective trees to improve stand health by reducing competition for light and nutrients. We will also remove or mulch undesirable or fallen trees and underbrush to maintain stand access and reduce fire fuel. 

Trail Installation and Maintenance

We provide services to install woodland trails on your property. Trail maintenance is also available to remove fallen trees. We work for private landowners as well as state and county park lands. Additionally, our staff will inspect trail edges and take down hazardous trees and dangerous hanging limbs (widowmakers).

Wholesale Firewood Logs

We sometimes have firewood logs available for delivery. Logs are not cut to length or split and consist of quality mixed hardwoods. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Tree Planting/Reforestation 

Replacement of trees with seedlings of desirable species planted on 10-20’ centers or to clients specifications and protected with tree shelters. Planting dates recommended Late December through April.