Pruning is an essential aspect of maintaining your trees and preserving their value on your property. Proper pruning reduces hazards by removing deadwood and structurally weak limbs. Appropriate thinning reduces damage from wind and storms while enhancing the beauty of the tree.


Fertilizer applications provide great benefits to trees and shrubs if applied regularly using the appropriate fertilizer. This process replenishes nutrients that are often missing from the urban landscape and also helps to alleviate soil compaction. Our staff is professionally licensed to apply fertilizer, and specializes in Chesapeake Bay friendly application techniques. Trees affected by root disturbance should be fertilized as soon as possible with our customized blend of fertilizer, mycorrhizal fungi and other bio-stimulants. 

Pest and Disease Control

Often in the urban landscape the natural checks and balances that keep many insects and diseases under control are lost, and an infestation may occur. A&A offers an integrated approach to manage and resolve plant healthcare problems. Services include:

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM, inspection and treatment of ornamental plant material)
  • Large tree sprays
  • Trunk injections to control Dutch Elm Disease and Emerald Ash Borer
  • Tree watering during summer months
  • Deer management
  • Tick sprays

Tree Preservation

Always consult an arborist prior to beginning a construction project on your property to prevent irreversible damage to your property trees. Our arborists can help preserve your desirable trees by carefully selecting the best methods of protecting tree roots from damage by construction equipment. 

Tree Removal

Unfortunately there are times when trees need to be removed, whether as the result of storm damage, construction or normal mortality. We are especially well equipped to remove trees safely and efficiently, as our equipment and fleet is well maintained.  More importantly, our staff is superbly trained and supervised to complete this difficult task.


Trees that have structurally weak stems should be supported by the installation of high-strength steel cables. Cables greatly reduce the risk of storm damage and the associated hazard to the tree, the property and the property owner.

Lightning Protection

As trees mature, they can become susceptible to damage by lightning strikes. This is frequently fatal to the tree and can cause extensive damage to the property. A properly installed lightning protection system can greatly reduce this risk.

Stump Removal

Where stumps are accessible to equipment, they can be safely removed below grade and at times far enough to allow the planting of a desirable replacement tree. We tailor stump removal to your requirements and budget. Site restoration is also available and involves removal of stump chips and reseeding of lawn areas.